《MISTED ESSENCE》為台灣攝影創作者張簡長倫(Robert Chang Chien)首部攝影集,此書將其多年作品脈絡予以編織,包含未曾發表的系列,蘊藏許多符號及語彙,希望在時空中留下詩謎。跨領域背景的經驗使他擅長透過空間場域中光影與人物的情緒姿態進行細膩描繪,解構重組為充滿電影感的影像。如夢似幻的作品源自對生命經驗的體悟,及投注在空間本質的研究探索。若時空的尺度與人們所認知的不同,所謂常理中的本質也將被顛覆,現實與夢幻世界的一切皆如此。
他認為,攝影是秘密的集合體,這些秘密來自人們的記憶片段與對時空之認知,每張影像背後都藏著看不清的本質。”MISTED ESSENCE”亦可定義為「蒙上霧的本質」,概念傳達的即是那些介於現實與虛幻之間的故事,試圖藉由攝影進行一場情感環境的實驗性書寫。

         ‘MISTED ESSENCE’ is the first photo book of Taiwan photographer and artist Robert ChangChien, collecting his previous works as well as new series, and try to create mysterious poetry in time and space by hiding semiology and metaphor behind each photo and design. Robert majored architecture in graduated school, thus he learned engineering, design and art as an interdisciplinary creator; therefore, he’s devoted himself to create and represent photos of sense of film and story by using light and shadows from space as well as detailed expression of human. All the dreamy and dramatic works in his book are made from the appreciation of experience of live, and research on the essence of space. In his mind, Photography would be the aggregation of the secrets that come from memories and consideration of space-time of people. ”MISTED ESSENCE” could be also defined as the stories between reality and illusion, and Robert wanna write this concept in the emotional environment by these images.


ISBN: 978-957-43-3750-7
限量 500本

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