Isles of Solitude,
photography series and poem, 2022

Mixed images from Taiwan and Iceland by Robert Chang Chien.

Amidst the arctic sea so vast, Where glaciers reign and winds blow fast, There lie the isles of solitude, Where icy stillness doth imbued.

The frigid breeze doth howl and moan, As waves crash on the frozen stone, And in the distance, polar bears, Roam free without a single care.

The sun may rise, but never sets, For in this land of frozen frets, The fire burns forever bright, A beacon in the endless night.

But on these isles, it's not just ice, That one can find amidst the vice, For deep within these frozen shores, Lies treasures, riches, and much more.

The caves that hide beneath the snow, Are filled with gems that gleam and glow, And stories etched upon the ice, Reveal secrets of a frozen vice.

So come and visit these isles of fire, And brave the icy winds so dire, For here, amidst the frozen sea, You'll find a world of mystery. 

©2023 Studio Salix White