Blue Ephemera : Melting Island is an experimental sound work representing the emotional journey when I was doing researches and studies concerning our nature and urban environments. All the sound and footages, except one of the whales, are recorded by myself in Iceland, and other different places in the world, which includes my heartbeats, the voices of Icelandic people, the sound of the glacier lagoon and more.
                    The moving image related to the sonic journey is generated by two footages I filmed, which are the snowing landscape in Iceland, and the fireworks in London, respectively. The scene of fireworks not only represents a vanishingly ephemeral object which can indicate the melting sea ice and glaciers in the Arctic but also symbolise the carbon-generating activities happening in urban areas. Eventually, the pattern looks like a blue planet having rapid changes, which is our earth.

Artist | Robert Chang Chien
Videotographer  | Robert Chang Chien
Sound Recorder | Robert Chang Chien

Sound Designer | Robert Chang Chien

Sound Composer | Robert Chang Chien

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